Shed at Hå Gamle Prestegård

March 3, 2017 News

Exhibition at Hå Gamle Prestegård from 28th of January untill 26th of March. Joined exhibition of my works with Karina N. Presttun.

For the last year, Kristina and Karina have been working with threads as a motif. For the their new exhibition at Hå Gamle Prestegård they’ve made a series of female portraits. The result may seem effortles but the woven pieces, woven on a digital jaquard loom, requires massive knowledge about weaving: bindings, yarn, colors. Not to mention weeks and weeks of digital work and testing.
The threads seems to take on a different role in each piece: Is it something to be shed? Is it hair, feathers? Or is it an extension of the body? A foreign element, maybe? Or something to change you completely?

In addition to the large-scale woven works, Kristina and Karina exhibits video, textile collage, and sculptural works.